Nano Kunststoff-Versiegelung 250ml


The plastic sealer, which is suitable for medium-sized plastic and plexiglass surfaces, is supplied in a 250ml spray bottle without polishing and application wipes.

Treatment with the plastic seal protects all unpainted surfaces in offices (tables, etc.), kitchens (front and work surfaces), as well as plexiglass in the bathroom (shower cubicle) and toilet from dirt. Due to the self-cleaning effect, it is usually sufficient to wipe the surface with a wet microfiber cloth. Plastic sealing is also suitable for outdoor use (e.g. for garden furniture, patio coverings), since most of the dirt is washed down by rain.

– 250ml nano plastic seal

The consumption is around 15ml / m². The shelf life is about one year, then it can be refreshed easily.

Since the surfaces are to be neutralized beforehand and polishing and application wipes are required for an optimal result, we recommend ordering the products alcoholic pre-cleaner and polishing and application wipes separately.

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