Cleaning products- Nano

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Products (ecological) contain nano particles that penetrate deeper into the surface of the material and provide better protection. If you are interested in our products, please visit our online shop

What is a Nano?
Nanotechnology is a purposeful construction in the atomic and molecular dimensions. In the world of nanotechnology, you have to learn to think in very small dimensions. About five to ten atoms are placed in this length. One nanometer is as big per millimeter as a peanut is about the earth.

Nanotechnology thus means penetrating hard-to-imagine tiny worlds. It is in this “dwarf world” that there are many opportunities for our future – problems that have hitherto been considered unsolvable will be solved.

How does the Nano work?
Nanoprotective coatings consist of nanoparticles with components that bind to the surface and other components to form the desired effect. These particles intelligently place in place during surface coating (phase 1): The binding components rise towards the surface, the non-stick components move outwards towards the air (phase 2). In such a “self-organization”, an ultra-thin, glass-like layer is formed, which forms a homogeneous connection with the surface and guarantees a special durability (phase 3). The surface is thus protected from aggressive environmental influences.

Is NANO equal to NANO?
No! Not every place where NANO is written on is not always “genuine” NANO technology! Products based on silicone, oil, acrylic or Teflon are often advertised as nanoproducts because they have a “short-term” water-repellent effect similar to the nanosurface. Unlike NANO technology, the silicone-treated surface needs to be renewed or polished much more frequently. Thus, a seemingly cheaper product requires higher costs. In particular, there are differences in quality and durability against abrasion, such as “wippers” or car washes.