Nano Holz & Stein Versiegelung 1 Liter


The nano wood & stone seal in the practical 1 liter bottle is ideal for smaller areas / projects.

The sealant is a water-based, hydrophobic impregnation for absorbent, mineral substrates and wood. It simply offers preventative protection against dirt, water and oils. Moisture can no longer penetrate the surface (not against pressing water). The coating is open to diffusion, breathable, resistant to acid rain, UV-stable, transparent. The main areas of application are carport, wooden fences, garden furniture, natural and artificial stone, balustrades, clay pots and stone sculptures.

The application is very easy. The sealer can be painted, rolled or sprayed onto the clean surface (e.g. with a pressure sprayer). It also offers a great advantage: It is not necessary to cover secondary areas, since there are no visual changes to the carrier material (exception: very light wood). There can also be no? Noses? form when applying. The seal dries at 15 – 20 ° C after approx. 1 – 2 hours and gets the hydro- and oleophobic beading effect after only 4 hours. Do not use at temperatures below + 5 ° C.

– 1000ml nano wood & stone sealant

The shelf life is about 3 years. The consumption depends on the absorbency of the material and is around 100 to 200ml / m².
The 10 liter or 30 liter canister may be more suitable for larger areas.

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