Nano Holz & Stein Abriebfest 1 Liter


Nano wood & stone abrasion resistant in a practical 1 liter can is ideal for smaller areas / projects.

The sealant is a highly repellent coating system for particularly stressed and absorbent substrates. The seal contains particularly hard nanoparticles that can withstand heavy loads such as oil, acid, etc., but also normal dirt such as moss, rainwater, etc. Wood & stone abrasion resistant is extremely water-repellent.

The areas of application for sealing are very diverse. Some examples would be: Sidewalks made of natural stone, house entrances, house walls, facades, patio and garage floors, gravestones and natural wooden floors, concrete blocks, paving stones etc. This product is only suitable for Bangkirai wood (e.g. on terraces) to a limited extent. Talk to us individually, we have other products for the application.

The sealer can be painted, rolled or sprayed onto the clean surface (e.g. with a pressure sprayer). After an hour, the seal is usually Dried out on the surface (at 15 – 20 ° C), but then still needs 1-2 days until it has fully hardened. The outside temperature should not be below + 5 ° C.

– 1000ml nano wood & stone abrasion resistant in a metal container

The shelf life is approx. 6 months in the canister and 12 months in the metal container (each unopened). The consumption depends on the absorbency of the material and is approx. 150 to 250ml / m².

For larger areas we also offer a 10 liter or 30 liter canister.

Weight 1,1 kg

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