Nano Chrom & Edelstahl-Versiegelung 250ml


The nano chrome & stainless steel seal in the 250ml spray bottle is a nano coating for chrome and stainless steel in the household and vehicle sector. It is based on chemical nanotechnology and produces excellent water repellency on all chrome-plated surfaces and on stainless steel. By beading off e.g. Water and rain on the surface (lotus effect) also wash away dirt particles. Attachments such as lime and dust find little or no possibility.

The sealant is used on taps, sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens and extractor hoods. In the vehicle sector, the seal is suitable for trim strips, bumpers, radiator grills and much more.

– 250ml nano coating for chrome and stainless steel
– Instructions for use

We recommend thorough pre-cleaning with our alcoholic pre-cleaner and the use of suitable application and polishing cloths, which are not included with this 250ml bottle. However, these can be added separately in the respective category.
The consumption is approx. 15 ml / m² and the durability, depending on the area of ​​application (inside / outside, etc.), is approx. 1 to 1.5 years.

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